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Keep your home and family warm this winter

Everybody loves coming in from the snow to a nice toasty house. Your home will be nice and warm once you install a new Slant Fin or Burnham heating system! There are lots of things to consider when getting a new steam or a baseboard heating system; we will be glad to discuss heating options with you so that you can be comfortable in making an informed decision.


No matter which system you choose, you are sure to love all the benefits that come with your new heaters. Both systems are quieter than an HVAC system. They can be strategically installed so that you can control which rooms get the most heat. This will also save you money as you won't be wasting energy to heat unused rooms.

Tankless water heaters are a great option for your family and we will be happy to install one for you!  For starters, they are small - only about the size of a suitcase - so they can easily be mounted on a wall, both indoors and outside.  Unlike a traditional water heater, tankless heaters give you hot water on demand, so there is no need to store and heat gallons of water. This saves your family money on your utility bill and is also good for the environment. It also ensures that your hot water is fresh, as it never sits in a tank that may be rusty or full of scale.

Be sure to get your pipes winterized before they freeze!

Have you considered going tankless?